Neonatal Intensive Care Incubator


Neonatal Intensive Care Incubator

Technical Specifications:

  • Advanced Microcontroller based temperature control unit with built-in self diagnostic system
  • Air mode control with air temperature & baby’s body temperature display
  • Servo mode with precise baby’s body temperature monitoring & controlling facility
  • Total fail safe alarm system provided
  • Automatic change over from servo mode to air mode in case of baby probe failure
  • Critical Alarm: High Temperature Alarm with safety cut off, Air Circulation Failure Alarm *, Sensor Fault Alarm.
  • Alarms for Hypo / Hyper Thermic conditions, Power Failure Alarms.

Digital Control:

  • Solid State Proportional Temperature Control with +/- 0.2°C Accuracy. Uniform Temperature Distribution and Fresh Air Circulation provided by low noise vibration free axial fan.
  • Alarms: High Temperature Alarm with safety cut off, Sensor Fault Alarm and Power Failure Alarm.
  • Acrylic baby Tray with titling facility.
  • Removable type stainless steel water tank for humidity can be sterilized.