Dental X-Ray


Dental X-Ray

Technical Specifications:

  • Wall Mounted for cramped working conditions
  • Mobile floor model with castor wheels enabling smooth movements
  • Long and short cone available for Intraoral as well as Extraoral Radiography
  • 10 mA and 70 kV unit for Intraoral as well as Extraoral Radiography
  • Inbuilt Voltage Compensator to battle the frequent and wide voltage fluctuations in indian conditions
  • Electronic Timer giving Consistent Exposures

Types of Models:

  • Wall Mounted
  • Floor Model
  • Scissor Arm for long search


  • Microprocessor based Digital Timer with an accuracy of 0.01 second
  • Hand operated switch is provided for X-Ray exposure in single touch
  • Remote Control System from 10 to 2-feet distance against any type of obstacles
  • Exposure time can be set by soft touch buttons
  • Automatic Power cut-off at high voltage for the safety of X-Ray tube



Auto Clave Cooker

Steam Release Valve

Pressure Gauge Steam Release Valve

Air Compressor


UV Sterlizing Cabinet

UV Cabinet helps to make the area / room / object bacteria free. UV light is a fairly efficient disinfectant for most vegetative organisms and viruses.

12 tray